10 Music Festival Essentials + Our Favorite Festival Songs

Spring has finally arrived, and with springtime comes music festival season! We put together a list of our top 10 music festival essentials for all our music maven #BriogeoBabes + a little Briogeo playlist to get you pumped up for upcoming festivals. 



1. Sunnies



You absolutely cannot forget your favorite pair of sunglasses. Music festivals tend to take place outside, and outside = sunshine. Plus, the perfect pair of sunglasses can complete an outfit. We also recommend leaving your nice, expensive sunnies at home and, instead, purchase a fun + cheaper pair - just in case.



2. Sea Goddess hair + body shimmer mist 

We don't normally go to music festivals...but when we do...we use our Sea Goddess hair + body shimmer mist! Our shimmer mist is a non-aerosol spray infused with ultra-fine iridescent mica that mimics the ocean's current. The natural mica diffuses with light for an iridescent glow and mesmerizing luminosity fit for a goddess. This lightweight shimmer mist transforms boring locks into magical tresses while the light floral citrus fragrance refreshes the senses.

For our favorite festival look, throw your hair into your favorite braided hairstyle, and then concentrate the shimmer mist spray on the braided areas of your hair for the perfect festival 'do.



3. Tinted moisturizer with SPF



If you're going to be wearing sunscreen (which is a must if you're going to be outside all day), you may as well combine it with your foundation and wear a tinted moisturizer with SPF



OR, if you can't part with your beloved foundation, which we totally understand, try to use a lightweight sunscreen as a makeup primer. Kopari's new Sundaze Mineral Face Sunscreen is the perfect way to protect your skin while prepping your skin for makeup. 



4. Blotting Papers


Let's be real, we tend to get a little sweaty and/or oily at music festivals from all the dancing and large crowds of people. Cue the blotting papers. These are an absolute must-have for music festivals. These little Tatcha blotting papers, made from 100% abaca leaf, work to absorb excess oil on the face without taking off your makeup. This way you can stay fresh, dewy and flawless all day long.



5. Phone Charging Case



We all know our phone battery life is by no means able to take on an entire day of recording music performances, taking pictures and sending countless texts trying to meet up with your girl gang. This is why a phone charging case is so necessary. While portable chargers work as well, investing in a phone charging case takes up less room and you don't have to worry about making sure your phone is plugged in! 


6. Dry Shampoo

Just like your face can get oily and sweaty at a music festival, unfortunately, so can your hair. Dry shampoo is essential to keep your hair looking fresh and textured, especially when you're in a different climate that your hair isn't used to.


7. Chapstick with SPF



When you're applying sunscreen, you cannot forget about your lips! The skin on your lips is extremely thin, making them more vulnerable to sun damage. Using a chapstick with SPF is the ideal way to keep them moisturized and protected at the same time. 



8. Mini Hairbrush 

This one goes without saying - even with a cloud of hairspray, it's pretty easy for your hair to get messed up at a music festival. Keeping a mini hairbrush with you is key for those little touchups you need throughout the day.




9. Compressible Water Bottle

Being outside and walking around all day can be seriously dehydrating. The best way to make sure you're getting enough H2O is to bring your own reusable water bottle. This que bottle is perfect if you don't have enough room for a regular water bottle because it's compressible! Now you're staying hydrated, wasting less plastic and taking up less space in your bag! 



10. Fanny Pack/Mini Backpack 




Lastly, you need something cute to put all these music festival essentials in! A fanny pack or a mini backpack is a perfectly sized + stylish way to store all your festival goodies you'll need throughout the day. 


Last but not least, please enjoy our Briogeo music festival playlist. Happy listening!



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