Your Split Ender routine

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that split ends are the bane of a good hair day. Regardless of hair type, texture, length, or styling preferences, split ends can creep up and cause an otherwise great hairstyle to look dry, crispy - even frizzy. While regular trims can help keep them at bay, there are other options to help seal those ends and prolong the time between cuts - especially helpful if you’re trying to grow your hair!

Meet your new split-end saviors: our new Moisture + Damage Defense Leave-In Treatment and our beloved Strengthening Treatment Oil.

Don't Despair, Repair! Moisture + Damage Defense Leave-In Treatment

These two products feature similar ingredients designed to help infuse hair with missing moisturizing ingredients and then seal the hair’s cuticle down to smooth and protect:

Ceramides - these lipids are biomimetic, meaning they mimic the body’s natural lipids so are more easily recognized + absorbed

Naturally derived repair copolymer - this copolymer is derived from hydrogenated castor oil and helps to bond and seal lifted and damaged hair cuticles

Natural oils - several types of natural oils provide essential fatty acids to balance hair moisture and increase shine

Both products have impressive clinical claims - our Strengthening Treatment Oil repairs up to 88% of damage after 2 uses, while our Leave-In Treatment visibly seals up to 100% of split ends in just two uses! Together, they’re the perfect 1-2 punch to send split ends packing!

Strengthening Treatment Oil

On wash days:

After cleansing and conditioning with your favorite Briogeo shampoo + conditioner, apply a few pumps of the Leave-In Treatment to clean wet hair, focusing on mid-lengths to ends.

Comb through to ensure even application and style as normal - no rinsing required!

As a finishing touch to your style, add a few drops of Strengthening Treatment Oil to your hands and smooth over mid-lengths to ends for extra shine. (Start with 1-2 drops for fine, thin hair and increase as needed for thicker, curlier hair!)

Pro-tip: Use Strengthening Treatment Oil on dry hair in between wash days to keep ends looking smooth and shiny!

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