Ingredient Spotlight: Ceramides

If you’re a skincare junkie, you’ve probably heard of ceramides in your moisturizer or serum - they’re often touted as great hydrators and essential for maintaining a healthy skin barrier. What you might not know is that ceramides are just as good for your hair as they are for your skin. 

What are ceramides, anyway?

Ceramides are naturally occurring fatty acids that belong to a category of ingredients called lipids, and are found in our skin and hair cells. Lipids are responsible for the elasticity of our skin and hair as well as for maintaining moisture. They help make up a protective layer on our body that keeps moisture from escaping. Think of it this way: humectants like hyaluronic acid or aloe vera help to bind moisture to the skin and hair; lipids like ceramides help to keep it there! 

What does that actually mean for my hair?

When hair is at its healthiest, it’s chock full of essential nutrients like keratin proteins that provide structure and lipids that provide softness + shine. These nutrients are locked in by the outermost layer of the hair - the cuticle - which lays like shingles on a roof, keeping the goodness in and environmental aggressors out. 

Unfortunately, when hair is damaged, that cuticle layer gets lifted and all those essential nutrients can escape. Without proteins, hair can feel brittle like straw and break easily. Without lipids, hair feels dry and rough and can look dull. Using haircare with ingredients like ceramides can replenish the moisture levels in hair to bring back its former shine and softness! 


Before and After shot of split ends being treated with Damage Defense Leave-In Treatment


So where can I find ceramides for my hair?

Our new Don’t Despair, Repair! Moisture + Damage Defense Leave-In Treatment features ceramides to help nourish dry, damaged strands and visibly seals up to 100% of split ends after two uses! Our Strengthening Treatment Oil uses the same type of ceramides to help repair up to 88% of damage after two uses. Together, these products provide multiple opportunities for moisture replenishment!


Don't Despair, Repair! Collection

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