What’s a pre-shampoo treatment?

When building your hair care regimen, the basic steps of your routine seem standard: shampoo to cleanse, conditioner to moisturize, styling products to, well, style, and, for more transformative results, the occasional hair mask or deep treatment. But what if we told you there’s a new step to add to your wash day ritual that can take it to a whole new level? Enter the pre-shampoo treatment.

As the name suggests, pre-shampoo treatments are meant to be applied - you guessed it - prior to cleansing that hair. These treatments can offer various benefits, from moisturization to exfoliation, and far from complicating the wash day experience, they are designed to help elevate or streamline it by starting the process before you even get in the shower.

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A perfect example of this is Briogeo’s newest addition to the award-winning Scalp Revival Line: our Charcoal + Tea Tree Buildup Detox Spray. This pre-wash treatment is formulated to provide a gentle chemical exfoliation to the scalp to begin breaking down stubborn product buildup and scalp congestion prior to washing your hair, so your shampoo doesn’t have to work as hard to get your hair and scalp clean. Simply spray onto the scalp and massage in, focusing on the areas with the most buildup, let it sit and work its magic for 15 minutes, then cleanse as normal. You’ll find your entire shampoo process just got a little easier. In fact, in a consumer perception study, 96% of users agree their other hair care products worked better after using the Detox Spray.

Shop below to try our new Buildup Detox Spray and elevate your wash day routine!

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