I love using Briogeo because I get amazing results without having to worry about harsh ingredients damaging my hair! Ive been using the Dont Despair Repair mask for over a year now whenever my curls need extra hydration! When I follow it up by styling with their Rosarco Milk leave in & Curl Charisma stylers I get big, soft, and shiny curls with tons of definition everytime!! Felicia

I love so much about Briogeo. The fact they have ingredients to help my hair stay its healthiest, and don't contain anything that is bad for my hair like sulfates and silicones and dangerous for my health like parabens. Quality is high and consistent, a little of everything goes a long way and every single product I ever used smells incredible! Briogeo products leave my hair frizz free, shiny, soft and strong! Diane Mary

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands for curls. I love that this is a clean product and I don't have to worry about any of the nasties in their ingredients. The Curl Charisma Leave-In & Frizz Control gel are my power styling combo. They keep my curls defined but not weighed down. I'm also a fan of Scalp Revival! It cleans the scalp and hair so well that my curls look refreshed and bouncy. Can't wait to try more items from this brand. Rochelle

Briogeo is my favorite hair care line! I love that Briogeo products are made with ingredients that actually improve the health of my hair. The Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask has helped to strengthen my hair. I used to struggle with major breakage, but this mask has made my hair so much stronger and healthier. I also love the Rosarco line because it leaves my hair feels soft, moisturized, and manageable without weighing it down. The new Scalp Revival Collection is perfect for those of us who struggle with a dry, sensitive, or irritated scalp because it is gentle, yet effective. Andrea

I'm happy to have discovered a brand of hair care products that I can trust, who puts the consumer first, and is aware of how important it is to be responsible and uses safe ingredients. I love how innovative they are with the ingredient combinations as well! I've never had a shampoo that exfoliates the scalp while moisturizing and cleansing my hair. It also smells so good - my boyfriend smelled it's minty fresh scent from 6 feet away! Lihn

I love Briogeo! My hair usually doesn't do well with gels, however, with the Curl Charisma Rice Amino + Quinoa Frizz Control Gel my hair feels moisturized and defined. I love to pair this with the leaveIn Defining Creme. My hair just loves the combination and I can ensure you a long wash and go! Illianna

I absolutely love Briogeo! Not only do their team consist of some of the most professional, accommodating and kind-hearted individuals, but their products also speak for themselves! I've never been one to be huge on haircare, but Briogeo is truly an exception. I definitely noticed a difference in the condition of my color treated hair just within a few uses of a few of their products (their charcoal scalp revival shampoo is one of them)! The best part is, they're so friendly to my well-being! If you didn't know, Briogeo doesn't implement any awful ingredients into their products such as parabens- what a bonus right? 100% would recommend. Danica

Brigoeo is one of those brands that is continuously rewriting the rules of what haircare should be. They have shown me that I can have healthy (and trendy) hair without sacrificing its health. Plus it helps that the packaging is cute and smell like a spa experience! Dani

I absolutely love Briogio hair products! My hair and scalp felt noticeable so much better after using their Scalp Revival Micro-Ecfoliating Shampoo! Micro-Ecfoliating Shampoo! I even got my fiancé obsessed I even got my fiancé obsessed with it! Kendra

I love how Briogeo combines quality hair care with natural ingredients! I love being able to not worry about what I'm putting in my hair while still getting incredible results. It's also great that Briogeo has specifically targeted hair care lines so that there's something for everyone no matter what your hair concern is. Such an awesome brand! Allie

I fell in love with Briogeo the first time I used their hair mask. I've used so many products in the past few years that it's rare when one takes me by surprise, but Briogeo certainly did. From the lovely smell to the amazing slip and chic packaging--I loved everything about this product! I can say with assurance that it's one of my 2017 favorites and I'll continue to purchase/recommend this product. Candice

Briogeo is a brand that always impresses me. With each new product I try out, I discover a new favorite! There are so many hair products on the market, so it's great to have a company I can always count on to make my hair feel and look it's best! It also doesn't hurt that I'm a huge fan of the packaging and scents! Kendra

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