What are aerosols + why don’t we use them?

Briogeo’s steadfast commitment to producing clean, natural, and effective haircare for all drives us to be thoughtful in every aspect of production. Our unique approach to formulation is what produced our 6-free pledge and our passion for sustainability inspires our packaging choices, including the decision to make all Briogeo products aerosol free, due in large part to their potential environmental impact. 



What are aerosols?

Aerosols spray cans are pressurized delivery systems that use gaseous propellants to distribute liquid in a fine mist. They’re used in many different industries, but in beauty, they’re most often used in hair products like hair sprays and dry shampoos. 

Why don’t we use them?

One reason is recyclability. Traditional aerosol bottles have complex workings which leaves a lot of room for error - namely, the aerosol can must be completely free of product prior to recycling, which is often difficult to achieve without breaking it open (which can be dangerous to try at home due to pressurization). Even after that, the ability to recycle used aerosol spray cans differs by municipality. 

In addition, synthetic propellants have environmental impact as well. While aerosols in the US don’t contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) anymore (the main driver of ozone damage, which have been outlawed since 1980s) they do emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which contribute to ground-level ozone, especially in urban areas. These VOCs are a key driver of asthma-inducing smog and are found in many beauty products, like fingernail polish and perfumes.

Beyond the environmental impact, aerosols have recently come under scrutiny again for potential health hazards. Many dry shampoo brands have been recalled due to elevated levels of benzene, a potentially carcinogenic ingredient.

Because Briogeo is deeply committed to the long-term health of people and our planet, we continue to innovate our formulas and packaging to produce the best products possible, keeping recyclability, sourcing, and ingredient choices top of mind. That means you can shop our products, knowing they’ll perform under pressure, with ingredients and packaging beneficial to our bodies and our planet.

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