The Briogeo Tresses Experiment

If you haven't already heard, our new Color Me Brilliant collection uses a signature blend of nourishing oils and antioxidants that is scientifically proven to reduce color fading up to 10 washes. Now that we've done the talk, let's do the walk. We put our new color-protecting collection to the test, and we're here to take you through the process and show you our Briogeo-approved results!



The Color Me Brilliant Test:

Step 1: We purchased three blonde hair tresses and dyed all of them with Manic Panic's Blue Moon semi-permanent hair dye.

Step 2: After each tress was dyed, we washed the first tress 10x with our Color Me Brilliant collection and blow dried it after each wash. We left the third tress untouched as a point of reference. 

Step 3: On the second dyed hair tress we washed it 10x, but with a leading drugstore brand! 


 And now for the results! 



You can clearly see that the leading drugstore brand left the hair tress looking faded, frail and frizzy. Our new Color Me Brilliant collection delivered noticeably better results in comparison to the leading drugstore brand! Our plant-based complex of turkey tail mushroom, a vegan keratin protein alternative, and bamboo utilize their natural color-locking abilities to coat color treated hair, lock the color in and protect against fade from frequent washing. 




Common Customer Questions about Color Me Brilliant:




Is it for bleached hair too?

Color Me Brilliant has great conditioning benefits that will keep bleached and color-treated hair super healthy. We also suggest using our Don't Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask once a week for added strength and nourishment.


How often should I use it?

To preserve your color, you can replace your existing shampoo and conditioner with Color Me Brilliant and use as often as you wash your hair!


Are all of Briogeo's hair products color safe?

All Briogeo products are formulated to be color-safe and don't contain any SLS or SLES which can strip the hair of color and moisture.


Does it keep brass away?

Color Me Brilliant is designed to lock your color in and keep it vibrant. This collection will not alter or add color. It's formulated with natural pomegranate and lavender extracts to make your hair shiny and keep your color vibrant. 


Is this a purple shampoo?

Good question. Many purple shampoos can contain harsh dyes that can be harmful to your hair! Our shampoo does not contain any dyes or harmful chemicals. It is formulated with natural pomegranate and lavender extracts to make your hair shiny and keep your color vibrant.


I love the Don't Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask. Should this conditioner be used in conjunction or pick one?

Our Don't Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask is perfect for restoring hydration and vibrancy to dry, brittle or over-processed hair. We recommend layering our deep conditioning mask once a week with our Color Me Brilliant collection for added strength and moisture which will keep color-treated hair healthy. 


Can curly haired clients use this line?

Briogeo products are formulated for all hair types and textures. Color Me Brilliant collection contains the same cleansing and conditioning benefits included in our other great shampoos and conditioners. We do recommend switching to Color Me Brilliant if you have color-treated hair so you can truly experience its color-locking capabilities. 


Why is it on the pricier side?

This collection has advanced vegan color-protecting technology that doesn’t compromise the integrity of the ingredients your hair will receive. Making sure we can offer you the best quality ingredients is important to us! However, producing these high-quality ingredients can be costly as well. Think of it as an investment for your hair!

Bonus: We now have Afterpay! This means that you can split your purchase into four equal *and interest-free* installments instead of paying for your Briogeo goodies all at once! We also want to mention another great way to save on our products is by joining our rewards program on You can even try a sample at your local Sephora before you invest!


I'm allergic to mushrooms - can I still use this?

This product does contain mushroom extract but all of our products undergo intensive safety testing. At Briogeo safety is our #1 priority so if you have any known allergies, we recommend consulting a physician before using any of our products!




Have more questions about this collection? Post them in the comments below! 


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