Quani's Curl Charisma Wash Routine to Define and Nourish Curls

Hair Type: Curly 

Age Range: 20s

Location: California

As someone who has tight 4b curls, wash day is a long tedious process usually filled with multiple steps and products usually ending in some sort of manipulation to my hair to elongate, stretch and style it.

With the new Curl Charisma Mask, I was actually able to rock a wash and go with definition and elongation.

After cleansing my hair, I applied the new Rice Amino + Avocado Hydrating and Defining Mask from root to ends detangling with a wide toothed comb. Nourishing oils like castor, avocado, flax and chia combined with ingredients like rice amino acids helps to instantly nourish and define my curls. The added slip made it easy to detangle.

As I left the mask on my hair to condition my curls became defined. After rinsing my hair with cool water my hair felt soft, with minimal frizz. I applied a mix of the Curl Charisma Coil Custard mixed with the Leave-in Defining Gel and began to shingle my coil with a brush. The result was a super cute wash and go that made me feel confident to rock my natural hair as is !

I recommend the new Curl Charisma Mask for curly girls looking to detangle, define, and elongate curls without frizz.

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