In the Chair with Briogeo CMO, Claudia Allwood

A few months ago, we had a very exciting moment here at Briogeo. We partnered with celebrity hair stylist, Mara Roszak, to create the SAG Awards look for Michelle Yeoh who was nominated in the Best Actress category for Everything, Everywhere All At Once. The film for which she was nominated (and won!) centers around a mother-daughter relationship that waxes and wanes, showcasing a messy, deep love, even through conflict. It features an overwhelmed working mom, a bold daughter and so many of the aches and pains of parenting expressed through a visually wild world. Though it felt so far removed from reality, the feelings are real and prompted me to reflect on my own journey as a working mom with a career in the beauty industry.

For those who’ve been raised by maternal figures, we may recognize that our relationship with beauty comes from mirroring them – how they put their hair up, the perfume they spritzed, their skincare rituals, their love of self. We learn so much through observation and we still do (TikTok anyone?). And as a mother of a teenage daughter, I know that my beauty rituals set the stage for how she learns the basics of self-care and how she speaks to her own reflection. Because I quite literally bring work home with me, I want to make sure to share the importance of taking pride in oneself and spending time nurturing our hair, skin, and body while also drawing healthy boundaries when it comes to self-criticism and negative self-speak.

Claudia Allwood getting her hair done by stylist

Taking the time away to get my hair done, I am excited to catch up and have a conversation with Montana Tsai – my stylist (pretty much therapist) friend. Being in the chair for me is a moment of pampering, a moment of connection to craft the creative version of me I want to put in the world. Especially in this pandemic era, I note how important these rituals have become – and how intimate the relationship is with my stylist/friend whom I trust with a huge piece of my identity. We talk about a million things, but we always come back to work, love, parenting, haircare, and yes…TikTok. I listen to her guidance for an updated weekly ritual for newly lightened hair and she is my sounding board for navigating teenage drama. Here is advice from our most recent conversation:

Claudia Allwood getting hair done by stylist

Advice from my stylist:

• Weekly hair masks are a must for color-treated hair – take the time to reset your hair weekly and multitask while you do it so you can get the maximum benefits. You really can’t nourish enough. 

Briogeo product recommendations: Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask once a week and Moisture + Damage Defense Leave-In Treatment every wash-day.

• Be mindful of your shampoos + conditioners and pick products that are best for color-treated hair. In order to extend color, look closely at ingredients that are safe for treated hair to ensure you’re protecting your investment.

Briogeo product recommendations: Color Me Brilliant Shampoo + Conditioner, plus Color Me Brilliant Primer if you heat style!

• Let your hair air dry! Embrace those natural curls and learn to love your natural state. 

Briogeo product recommendations: Curl Charisma Leave-In Defining Creme for soft, touchable, defined curls! 


My advice as a mom:

• Learn every acronym possible – what you think it means, it likely does not. fr fr.

• Validate and speak kindly to yourself – especially when your kids are around. You might not think they’re listening, but they are.

• Invest in yourself – take time away to care for yourself and make sure you are a priority in your own life. It’s easy to lose ourselves in our identity of parenthood, but centering ourselves is sometimes the only way to make sure we’re steady in tough situations.

• Embrace the weird parts of parenting – it’s squishy, awkward and uncomfortable more than it is Instagram-perfect. Finding the humor and joy and love in these moments often yield the best memories. And yes, this means watching TikTok.

See full video here.

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