How to prep your scalp for serums with exfoliation

When it comes to both scalp care and skin care, one of the most powerful and effective products you can add to your routine is a serum. Serums are generally more potent than other topical products, contain more active and beneficial ingredients, and are designed to stay on your skin all day (until you wash them off or the formula is fully absorbed).

How to get the most out of your scalp serum

Scalp serums come in a variety of formulas with a wide range of benefits—from intense hydrators, to scalp soothers, to serums that boost hair density and fullness. The key to getting the most out of your serum is by first, prepping your scalp to absorb all those good-for-hair ingredients in the formula. 

The best way to make sure your scalp is in prime form for absorption? Treat it to an exfoliation session. 

Why is it important to exfoliate your scalp?

Think about it this way: would showering with your clothes be an effective way to clean your body? (Obviously not.) The same goes for applying scalp serums on top of a congested, flaky scalp—that buildup acts as a barrier that reduces how effective your serum is able to be. Exfoliating your scalp regularly will help the skin on your scalp better drink up all the hydrating and soothing ingredients to come in the rest of your scalp care routine. 

How to exfoliate your scalp

Our Scalp Revival™ Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-exfoliating Shampoo is the perfect scalp care prep step to add to your regimen once a week on wash day. The plant-based exfoliators (microcrystalline cellulose) will gently lift and scrub away any product buildup, while the binchotan charcoal will detoxify your hair follicles, leaving your scalp feeling fresh, clean, and ready to best absorb your favorite scalp serum.

Ready to turn your scalp into a clean slate for maximum results? On wash day in the shower, simply part wet hair and gently massage our sulfate-free scalp scrub into your scalp, then rinse clean. Follow up with your scalp serum of choice, like Destined for Density™ MegaStrength+ Caffeine + Biotin Peptide Density Serum—our newest density-boosting scalp treatment clinically shown to increase hair density by 3x.




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