How to: Define Your Hair Goals

Winter is the season of slowing down, hibernation, and reflection. We're all for sipping on a seasonally appropriate matcha latte and becoming one with our couches, but it's also the season to be in tune with nature's lull and plan for the upcoming months. As the days are short and nights are long, this is a time of dream-making and getting goals into gear. Hair goals are no exception! Your hair is the crown you never take off, so why not spend a little time being intentional about how to take care of it this upcoming year? We've compiled this guide to help you define your own unique hair goals.


1. Hair Health



How is the health of your hair doing? If it feels dry, frizzy, dull, damaged, or all of the above - consider scheduling in a deep conditioning mask treatment 1-4x a month. Our Don't Despair, Repair! collection is clinically proven to help improve long-term hair health and the appearance of hair health using ingredients like algae extract, panthenol, and biotin to help restore, repair, and protect hair from damage.


2. Hair Length



Short, medium, or long? The possibilities of length seem to always be the question to ponder. No matter what length you decide to go, it's always a good idea to give your hair a boost of vitamins and nutrients. Our Be Gentle, Be Kind Superfoods Shampoo and Conditioner gives your hair a healthy dose of vitamins that are necessary for good hair health. Just keep in mind that if you are short and want to grow out your hair, be sure to take care of your scalp along with keeping hair moisturized between regular trimmings!


3. Hair Style



Whether you are thinking about getting that chic, messy LOB, going natural, or been back and forth about the question of getting bangs, style is one of the key factors in defining hair goals. Take some time to consider all your options and gather some references of hairstyles you really like. Don't be afraid to add some styles that feel more daring to you - the point is to be inspired!


4. Maintenance



Are you a "get up at 6AM to work out" type or an "I'd rather snooze 3 times" kind of person? Different hairstyles require different levels of maintenance and care. Check in with your current routine to see how much time and energy you put into your hair every day and compare that with how much you expect your dream hairstyle to take. Another factor to keep in mind is how often you'll need to get your hair cut to maintain the style. Shorter pixie cuts require touch-ups every 4-6 weeks, while longer styles only need trims about every 5-8 weeks.


What are your hair goals? We want to know! Share your hair plans in the comments below or post them on IG & don't forget to tag us @Briogeo.

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