Hair Damage: what it is and how to repair it

Daily hair styling is one of our favorite (and constantly evolving) forms of self-expression, but our hair undergoes a lot of stress and damage from our go-to methods and treatments like blowouts to chemical processing, too-tight ponytails, and color treatments, to name a few.

Beyond that, our hair can show signs of damage in the form of split ends, frizziness, dryness, and lackluster appearance from common mistakes like neglecting trims, spending too much time in the sun, or washing too often.

If you’re struggling with damage and you’re looking for a hair repair routine that restore your healthiest strands, you’re in the right place. Briogeo creates clean, naturally derived, and effective haircare solutions that nurture and nourish your strands, helping to restore hair health while preventing damage. Before we talk repair routines, let’s take a closer look at a few of the most common types of damage.

Heat Damage

Heat styling is super convenient, and a lifesaver for anyone who finds it easier to manage their strands with a little help from hot tools. But here’s the catch: every time you apply heat to your hair, you’re opening the hair cuticle—and while that makes it easier to manipulate (read: style), it also makes it more susceptible to damage. If you’re skipping heat protection, you could be significantly harming your strands.

Color Damage

For many of us, our hair is how we express our individuality, and that includes playing with the color. As much as we love the versatility, ease, and pure fun of changing our hair color, lifting and stripping your strands with hair dye and bleach is like inviting damage to wreak havoc on your hair.

For the dye to stain the hair shaft, ammonia has to chemically break through the barrier of the hair cuticle, which literally lifts your hair cuticle. If you think of your hair cuticle as the shingles of your hair shaft, imagine those protective shingles being lifted away and leaving your shaft extremely vulnerable to damage. 

Using peroxide to remove your natural pigment effectively dissolves your hair color, but not without leaving your strands dry and parched. When your stylist is stripping your strands of their color, the naturally moisturizing oils are depleted, which is why color-treated strands typically take on a straw-like, frizzy appearance.

Chemical Damage

Perms and relaxers are popular when it comes to altering the natural texture of your hair—and they’re also infamous for creating pretty severe damage.
The chemicals used in relaxers and perms penetrate the cortex and the cuticle of the hair shaft, restructure the hair follicle and create a permanent change to your hair (hence the name “perm”). These harsh chemical processes leave your strands fragile, dry, brittle, and extremely prone to breakage More so, relaxing your hair can also chemically burn your scalp, creating scabs, hair loss, and damage at the root.
As you can see, damage can look different based on your hair type. Some experience dry or dull-looking strands, a decrease in manageability, or, perhaps the most recognizable sign of damage: split ends, the pesky, split, v-shaped, fragile, and frayed ends at the tip of your strands. Without treatment, these split hairs will continue to snap and fray, resulting in strands that appear frizzy and dull, and hair that tangles more frequently.

The bottom line on caring for damaged strands

If your strands are struggling with any of these stressors, think of us as your phone-a-friend for hair repair. 

Our Don’t Despair, Repair!™ collection is formulated with the perfect balance of protein and moisture, which is vital to your hair health. Your strands are made up of mostly keratin, which is a type of protein, so maintaining the right balance of protein (which gives structure and strength to hair) and moisture (which is responsible for elasticity and shine) is the key to healthy hair—but it’s not always easy to find this balance: 

Too much moisture: You’ll notice that your strands are limp, lifeless, and lackluster

Too much protein: Your hair will feel brittle and dry with split ends

This damage-defying lineup helps repair and strengthen and provides long-lasting protection from all types of damage. 

Unlock your ultimate repair routine with naturally powerful ingredients and the best products for your specific hair concerns and needs. Every healthy hair journey is different, and that’s why we created a full range of nourishing products to help you achieve your hair goals and embrace every stage of your hair journey.

Ready to revive damaged strands and bring your most confident hair back to life? Build a custom repair routine today.

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