Gabriella's Mango + Cherry Superfoods Wash Routine to Balance Oil Production

Hair Type: Straight 

Age Range: 20s

Location: California

I have been using these two for the past two weeks now and have been really loving the results! My hair feels strong, shiny, and healthy, plus I was able to go two days without washing my hair and without my roots being crazy oily! This is honestly a huge win for me as I usually have to wash my hair every other day to keep the oil under control. I also really love how the formula consists of natural, powerful, superfood ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins and literally smell like a fruit smoothie on a summer day - nothing gets better than that right? I would 100% recommend this to anyone who is struggling with an oily scalp and is in need of a no-BS shampoo and conditioner that will get the job done while still being gentle on your locks.

Disclaimer: I am suuuper picky with my shampoos and have major eyerolls whenever I see any haircare product overpromise results or claim it performs miracles! So when it comes to testing out haircare products, I look very closely at the ingredients to make sure they are actually focused on scalp care and hair health. Trust me when I say Briogeo passes the test!

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