Founder of Beauty Ingestibles Brand, 8Greens, Talks All Things Superfoods

We hear the term "superfoods" thrown around a lot these days. But what does that actually mean? What are the benefits? We got the 411 on all things superfoods from the incredible founder of 8Greens, Dawn Russell.




About 8Greens: 

8Greens are dissolvable tablets that contain 8 nutritious greens to make sure you're getting your daily dose of veggies! 

The 8Greens story all began when Dawn was just 25 years old and she was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. After undergoing multiple surgeries, she developed a bone infection that completely weakened her immune system, which headed her ability to start chemotherapy.

With chemotherapy not being an option, this sparked her research into alternative medicinal treatments around the world. She ended up finding that her diet was going to be the key to her recovery. With a focus on nutritional greens - many of which are in the tablets - as the best way to treat the body, Dawn was able to brave through her illness and come out on the other side with a passion for getting those vital daily nutrients. 

According to 8Greens' site, 87% of Americans do not consume their daily dose of necessary greens. Dawn wanted to change this by making it quicker, easier and more accessible! 





What are your personal favorite superfood ingredients? 

Superfoods has become such a broad term that all I can add to it is what I see works for me. What I eat internally quickly affects me externally. Salmon is amazing for my skin, the protein in avocado just makes me feel good, almonds are my go-to snack as they give me an instant boost yet stop me feeling hungry for a long time, yogurt for the natural probiotics, blueberries for the brainpower, and eggs to start my day off with great protein and energy. 





Why do you believe in beautifying from the inside out?

Eating something healthy will always have a more lasting effect than just putting something on your skin. Beauty from within has become so of the moment, yet there is nothing new scientifically that getting anything internally is going to affect the external. It is like cause and effect. It is just what you put IN you that counts more than what you put ON you. 






Why are the ingredients in Briogeo's Banana + Coconut Nourishing Superfood shampoo & conditioner not only good for nourishing the hair, but also the body?

  • Banana
  • Coconut
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Acai 

Bananas. I had extreme cramping in my legs when pregnant. The magnesium in bananas was a lifesaver during such a delicate time. I did not want to take anything extreme as I was pregnant and nutrition has always been a go-to for me. 


Coconut. I believe coconut is amazing for just about anything. I love coconut milk as it is the least bloating. I love coconut oil for my face, feet, hair, and cuticles. But I do use it in moderation as the calorific load is high. 


Mangoes. My family loves dried mangoes for snacks as they are low calorie yet high in iron. 


Pineapple. Women love it because it assists with weight loss but I love it for inflammation and digestion. 


Açai was definitely the “it” fad for a while. The best part of açai is the fiber helping with constipation. 





What are the 8 ingredients in 8Greens tablets, and how did you choose these? 

Spinach. Wheatgrass. Kale. Blue-green algae. Barley grass. Aloe Vera. Chlorella. Spirulina. 

I wasn’t going to make 8Greens unless those eight greens were included, particularly the blue-green algae.  Blue-green algae is commonly known as the most powerful green there is as it is the only 100% non-man-manipulated green. When I was extremely sick, I consumed high amounts of these nutrient-dense greens and what I noticed was truly life-changing (which I do not say lightly). 


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