How to Trim Your Own Ends

Although it may sound contradictory, clipping your ends regularly is the best way to maintain your length and keep fly-a-ways at bay. Consistent hair maintenance, like trimming ends, will keep your strands looking healthy and fresh.  Believe it or not - you don't necessarily need to go to a salon to have your ends trimmed.  We have a few tips that will give you guidance to trim your own ends.  


The Tools

What you will need is a pair of hair cutting scissors. Please please please do not use regular scissors - we beg of you. Using everyday scissors to cut your hair can actually lead to more split ends, which pretty much ruins the whole point of trimming your hair. We recommend using these Tweezerman Styling Shears for your trim. Next, you'll need your favorite Briogeo conditioner and some hair ties.





How To Trim 

The best way to trim your own ends is just after a wash. Keep your hair saturated with a Briogeo conditioner. This will help keep your strands even and, especially for textured hair, it will make the detangling process simpler.

After you detangle, separate your hair into two sections. From here, you will trim section by section. Tie both sections into secure ponytails, and then pull each hair tie down until both hair ties are at an even level. Using your fingers to keep the sections even and straight, take your scissors in the other hand and snip right at the start of the hair tie on both sides (the length of your trim is at your own discretion). Now you can rinse the conditioner and style as desired!





Another way to trim is to, again, begin with damp and conditioned hair just after washing it. Stand in front of a mirror, brush the hair and style it into a tight ponytail at the top of your head. Make sure the ponytail is as centered on your head as possible. You then grab your hair at the base of the ponytail, pull the hair up until your desired length to trim is left. Take your scissors and start snipping away at your hair straight on instead of cutting straight across. This will give your trim a more natural look rather than a blunt cut. Now you can rinse the conditioner and style as desired!

Maintaining a trim is really important in maintaining healthy hair without breakage and split ends - and using these tips to trim your own hair will save you money at the salon. Regular trims will also help to keep your hair detangled because it reduces the number of tiny knots that snag (and rip) hair.



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