The 5 Travel Must-Haves for Every Vacay

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While your packing list usually depends on where on the globe you’re traveling to, we’ve put together a packing list of the 5 essentials you should pack on every trip, no matter the location.


1. Your Go-To Travel-Size Haircare Products.

Just because you’re not primping and prepping yourself at home, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice those gorgeous locks on vacation. Our new Briogeo travel kits are TSA-friendly and ready to give your hair all the TLC it deserves. We've created mini travel sets of our Farewell Frizz, Scalp Revival, Don't Despair, Repair!, Curl Charisma and Blossom & Bloom collections. Head to our Briogeo Travel Kit article to find out which kit best compliments your hair + your next vacay. 


2. Moisturizing Must-Haves.

Skin and airplanes, unfortunately, are not a great pair. Once you get in the air, the actual airplane cabin decreases in humidity, which can lead to your skin feeling pretty parched. Even though it seems a lil’ extra, hydrating facemasks and oils are an effective and easy way to make sure your skin stays healthy and hydrated. A clean at Sephora sheet mask we’ve been loving for the ultimate quick moisture burst is the Hydrating Farmacy Coconut Gel Sheet Mask. This skin-saving mask is infused with coconut water, hyaluronic acid and cucumber extract to lock in essential hydration and give you a gorgeous glow.

Another moisturizing travel essential is our B. Well organic + cold-pressed 100% castor oil. This luxurious oil is rich in humectants, Vitamin E and Omega Fatty acids to nourish the hair and skin. And, of course, it’s TSA-friendly! 

The B. Well Organic + Cold-Pressed 100% Castor Oil can be applied to the skin, hair & hairline, eyebrows and eyelashes on its own or added to any Briogeo Travel Kit conditioner for a hair reparative boost (once you actually arrive at your destination of course).

For Eyebrows - Place a small amount of the organic castor oil on a q-tip or mascara wand (a little goes a long way). Apply to only one eyebrow at a time. Start at the point of your eyebrow closest to the center of your face and apply the oil in the direction your eyebrow hairs naturally lay. Then, apply the oil in the opposite direction ensuring the eyebrow is saturated with the oil in both directions.

For Eyelashes - Place a very small amount of castor oil on a mascara wand. Start at the base of your lashes and apply through the ends of your lashes. Be sure to only apply a small amount to avoid contact with your eyes. 

Head to our uses and benefits article to find out more about this liquid gold!


3. Out Of Office Kit.

Have you ever had that gut feeling when heading to the airport that you forgot something, but just can’t think of what it is? This little pouch packs 18 of the small travel essentials you always somehow manage to forget when traveling. What this tiny but mighty pouch consists of:

  • Mending Kit
  • Safety Pin
  • Lip Balm
  • Stain Remover
  • Facial Tissue
  • Wrinkle Remover
  • Earplugs 
  • Dental Floss
  • Breath Drops
  • Phone/Tablet Stand
  • Hand Cleansing Towelette
  • Deodorant Towelette
  • Earbuds
  • Eye Mask
  • Nail Clipper
  • Hand Lotion
  • Pill Container
  • Mini Comb With Hair Bands


4. The Travel Outfit.


One thing that all avid travelers need is their go-to travel outfit. The key to the perfect travel fit is something that’s comfortable, yet presentable. Our preferred voyage ensemble is a matching loungewear set! These cozy duos are the perfect way to look stylish, while also prioritizing comfort. 



5. Reusable Water Bottle.


As we mentioned before, when you’re flying in an airplane, you’re usually at a much higher altitude. While the view may be pretty stellar, the low moisture level in the air is definitely not. This is ultimately what causes dehydration when flying. Having a reusable bottle available is not only great for making sure you’re staying hydrated, but they’re also cutting down on plastic waste. 



What are your travel necessities? Show us what you're packing with your Briogeo Travel Kit on Instagram! Don't forget to tag us @Briogeo



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