Your ultimate winter hair care routine to prevent dry strands

Summer is officially coming to a close and the weather is already starting to cool down. You may also notice the state of your hair shifting (feeling a little dryer and more dehydrated, perhaps?) and craving some extra TLC.

So, what is it about these temperature drops that causes your hair’s dryness—and more importantly, what can you do about it to keep your strands looking and feeling healthy?

Why is my hair so dry in the winter and fall?

There are several factors that contribute to hair dryness in the cooler months:

- You’ve cranked up the heat in your home. Forced air can often lead to drier skin and sinuses, as well as drier hair.

- It’s hat and scarf season. The cutest fall and winter accessories cause increased friction on the hair, which can lift the outer layer of the hair shaft (the cuticle), allowing essential moisture to escape. Additionally, many fabrics like cotton and wool are absorbent, leading to even more moisture loss in your locks.

- You’re taking hotter showers. Hot water can be super drying to your hair, also causing the hair cuticle to lift.

- Heat styling is your go-to. Many of us who put the hot tools down in the summer pick them back up as soon as it gets cooler outside. Improper heat styling, or simply too much of it, can be drying and damaging to your strands.

- The air is literally drier. Cooler air holds less moisture, so as the temperature drops, the amount of moisture in the air decreases. Less moisture in the air means less moisture for your hair and skin to absorb.

Hydrated hair

How can I prevent hair dryness?

If you want to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy and hydrated throughout the fall and winter months, give these pro tips a try:

- Use a humidifier. If you have the heat cranked up in your home, make sure that the air has moisture in it. This will help prevent dry hair and skin, and can even help prevent sinus issues.

- Swap out your wool hats and scarves for satin or silk, which are less absorbent and don’t cause as much friction. Even better, invest in a silk-lined hat or hoodie to keep your hair protected while staying warm.

- Switch from piping hot to warm showers. If you must take a hot shower (hey, we get it!), try finishing your shower sesh with a blast of cool water to your hair to help seal the moisture in.

- Take a break from hot tools. On the days you do style with heat, keep the temperature at the right level for your hair and make sure to protect it with the Farewell Frizz Blow Dry Perfection + Heat Protectant Crème.

- Start incorporating more hydrating hair products into your routine:

- Up your mask game with our Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Apple Honey Deep Conditioning Mask for strengthening and reparative benefits, plus the perfect balance of protein and moisture. You can also treat your strands to our Superfoods Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture Mask for a protein-free boost of hydration.

- Swap your lightweight shampoo and conditioner for more moisturizing options. Our Don’t Despair Repair Super Moisture Shampoo + Conditioner are great options for all hair types that want to quench their thirst!

- Prep your hair before styling with a leave-in conditioner. Our Superfoods Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture 3-in-1 Leave-In Spray is great for deeply hydrating and detangling hair.

- Oil, oil, and more oil: Our Don’t Despair, Repair! Strengthening Treatment Oil, and Farewell Frizz Rosehip, Argan & Coconut Oil Blend are great options to help moisturize strands, seal in moisture, and protect hair from the elements. Try adding a few drops to the ends of your hair after styling or doing a hot oil treatment.

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