Stories we can dance to

This year, for Women’s History Month, Briogeo is celebrating the women who tell our stories and highlighting different types of storytellers that the Briogeo team connects with.

This week, we’re highlighting female musicians who’ve inspired us to move with their songs. We’re excited to spotlight three team favorites, as well as a Spotify playlist created by the Briogeo team:


Beyonce: A role model who uplifts all women, a celebrator of the Black community + an LGBTQIA+ ally, Beyoncé is an artist who embodies empowerment on + off the stage through her words, music + art. Not only is she the most-awarded artist in Grammy history, but she is also committed to making a difference through BeyGOOD—a charity foundation that assists people with economic disparities, supports non-profits that service marginalized communities + much more.


 Billie Eilish: An environmental activist + mental health advocate, Eilish uses her platform to combat stigmas around mental health, speak out about climate change + help others feel more comfortable in their skin. She has brought her activism not only to the stage but also to her day-to-day life as she went vegan in 2014. Her push to make the beauty + fashion industries more vegan-friendly space was shown during the Met Gala in 2021 after working with Oscar de la Renta under the condition of going fur-free.


Brandi Carlile: An advocate of LGBTQIA+ + women's rights, sing-songwriter Carlile fuses her activism + art through the Looking Out Foundation—a foundation that amplifies the impact of music by empowering those without a voice. A portion of every concert ticket sold goes back into LOF + helps fund causes + organizations such as The Trevor Project + Campaign Zero. She’s also the co-owner of a women + LGBTQIA+-owned winery, XOBC Cellars, where all proceeds go towards LOF. 


 Beebadoobee: Bea, the indie-rock artist, reflects on feeling ashamed of her identity growing up in predominately white spaces. Through her experiences as an Asian woman, she speaks out about the importance of representation. When she started writing music, she began to embrace her identity + now she’s an inspiration to young girls—a beacon of representation that her younger self yearned for. “If at least one Asian girl picks up a guitar after seeing me, that means I’ve done my job.

Check out our Spotify playlist for more inspirational female musicians:

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