Meet The 3 Ingredients That Make Our MegaStrength+ Dandruff Relief Shampoo So Extraordinary

In the world of dandruff shampoos, finding a gentle, dermatologist-tested option that won’t dry your hair out and isn’t loaded with harsh chemicals and ingredients can be a challenge. Plus, if you’re someone who has a dry, flaky, irritated scalp, you might feel confined to picking up the first dandruff treatment you spot at your local drugstore. However, that might not be the best solution for your specific scalp concerns. 

We always preach the truth that scalp care = healthy hair™. It’s so important to incorporate scalp-healthy ingredients into your scalp care routine that provide much-needed relief from itchiness, dryness, and irritation from all of your top scalp concerns. 

We’ve added three of the best ingredients to heal, nourish, and treat a stressed-out scalp into our NEW Scalp Revival™ MegaStrength+ Dandruff Relief Shampoo Charcoal + AHA/BHA. Let’s take a closer look at the all-star ingredients that make this newest addition to the Scalp Revival™  lineup such a naturally powerful, flake-busting formula. 

Binchotan Charcoal 
Fans of our Scalp Revival™ collection will recognize Binchotan charcoal as one of the superstars of our award-winning scalp care line. Not only iis Binchotan charcoal a main ingredient in our MegaStrength+ Dandruff Relief Shampoo, it’s also in our Charcoal + Coconut Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo, it’s all included in our Charcoal + Tea Tree Cooling Hydration Scalp Mask and our Charcoal + Biotin Dry Shampoo. Here are some of the amazing benefits of Binchotan charcoal:

- It works hard to detoxify and remove impurities from your scalp

- If you’re struggling with dandruff, scalp psoriasis, eczema or atopic dermatitis, Binchotan charcoal helps to balance excess oil production, which is one of the leading causes of discomfort on your scalp.

- Itchy, irritated, inflamed scalps can benefit from the naturally soothing and calming properties of Binchotan charcoal.



Lactic Acid
Meet the AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) that we included in our MegaStrength+ Dandruff Relief Shampoo. As one of the most popular exfoliants in skincare, this natural exfoliant: 

- Is water soluble and mostly obtained from fruits with a high sugar concentration, making it a clean, natural, 6-Free™ solution for your scalp concerns 

- Removes the top layer of dead skin cells

- Promotes the rate of cell turnover

- Encourages softer, smoother skin—a bonus for extra-dry skin! 

Salicylic Acid
BHA, or beta-hydroxy acid,  is the salicylic half of our MegaStrength+ Dandruff Relief Shampoo. Here’s what makes this exfoliant a perfect addition to our latest Scalp Revival™ shampoo: 

- BHA’s are 100% 6-Free™ and clean! They’re naturally derived from willow bark, sweet birch bark, and wintergreen leaves.  

- BHA’s are oil-soluble (making them a great option for oily scalps), which allows these acids to seep deeply into your pores to remove excess dead skin cells and sebum.

- BHA’s are great for reducing inflammation on an irritated scalp.

While some dandruff shampoos continue to use harsh formulations loaded with controversial chemicals and ingredients that dry out your scalp (causing further irritation and pain), our NEW Scalp Revival™ MegaStrength+ Dandruff Relief Shampoo Charcoal + AHA/BHA is supercharged with naturally powerful ingredients that: 

- Treat the uncomfortable symptoms of dandruff

- Boosts your Scalp Revival™ routine

- Relieves itchiness, dryness, and irritation thanks to the power of these magical ingredients. 

Ready to soak up all the scalp-healthy benefits of these ingredients? Shop this post today!

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