How papaya enzymes can refresh your oily scalp

Papaya is more than a delicious tropical fruit—it’s a popular ingredient in many skin and hair care products because it’s bursting with nourishing, protective, and oil-balancing benefits.

With the overall health of  your scalp and hair in mind, we formulated our new juice-inspired Superfoods Mango + Cherry Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner with papaya enzymes: the magic ingredient that works to balance oil production for healthy-looking hair and scalp.


 Curly Hair model after using shampoo and conditioner with papaya enzymes.


How does papaya balance oily scalp and hair?

Papaya enzymes (also known as Papain) come from the raw fruit of the papaya plant. These tropical fruit-derived enzymes break down excess oil on your scalp and your hair to balance it out and encourage its long-term health.

If your scalp is oily or covered in buildup, it directly affects the health and appearance of your hair. Excess sebum (aka, oil) can clog and irritate your hair follicles, preventing them from properly absorbing the essential nutrients needed to grow healthy hair—and over time, this inflammation can lead to hair thinning and loss.

When you incorporate papaya enzymes into your healthy hair routine, the gentle ingredient will balance oil production without pulling out all the good, natural oils—just the excess oil so your scalp and hair look and feel healthy.

Looking for a conditioner and shampoo for oily scalp and hair? While our Superfoods Mango + Cherry Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner is great for cleansing and conditioning all hair types and textures, the papaya enzymes make them especially beneficial for those with oily hair and an oily scalp.



How is papaya good for your hair?

In addition to balancing out oil production, papaya enzymes offer a wealth of other healthy hair and scalp benefits:

Why are antioxidants important for your hair?

Papaya enzymes are chock full of vitamins and protective antioxidants that deliver long-term healthy hair benefits:

  • Protect hair from free radical damage
  • Protect hair from environmental elements
  • Offer hair-strengthening benefits
  • Support healthy hair and scalp


Mango and Papaya Enzymes Shampoo and Conditioner.


How to incorporate papaya into your hair routine

Looking for a nourishing way to super-boost your healthy hair routine? Feed your hair a dose of Superfoods!

Our latest product launch duo, Mango + Cherry Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner, harness the powers of mango, cherry, and papaya enzymes to purify, nourish, and support healthy-looking hair and scalp. They’re formulated for daily use, making them the perfect upgrade to your every day cleanse and conditioning routine.

While this juice-inspired duo is great for all hair types and textures, the papaya enzymes make them especially beneficial for those with oily hair and an oily scalp.

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