Going Au Natural with Briogeo

We caught up with our Briogeo Babe, Early Ferguson from The Beauty Haven Blog, about her switch to natural deodorant. 


Clean skincare, clean haircare, clean eating… we seem to pay a lot of attention to the ingredients we’re using on [and putting in] our bodies. But what about our armpits? They may not see much sun, but they deserve just as much TLC as any other part of you! Read on to learn more about why I went natural + my new must-have deodorant.


The Briogeo Obsession 

If you’ve ever seen my Instagram (or know me in real life), then you know that I’m a self-proclaimed Briogeo addict. I’m not seeking help. The love affair started about two years ago when I discovered their Don’t Despair, Repair! line at my local Sephora. I was just starting to learn more about the ingredients I was using on my skin and hair and was super impressed with their clean, no-nonsense formulas. All Briogeo products are six-free, meaning they never contain any harsh sulfates, silicones, parabens, phthalates, DEA, or artificial dyes.


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sponsored 💋 staying fresh and cool all summer with @briogeo! you guys KNOW how much i love this brand. i’ve yet to find another clean haircare brand that works as well for me as briogeo. so you know i was beyond excited to test out their new b. well deodorant! clean deo without the bo - yes please. i’ve been using aluminum-free deodorants for about two years now so my body is definitely used to that. if you’re just starting using clean deodorants, it may take a couple weeks for your body to acclimate. for me, this deodorant was amazing from the start! it has a really cooling and refreshing feel upon application that lasts all day on me! it feels so nice on a super hot day, and actually WORKS. no smelly or sweaty pits! i was actually surprised this worked so well without having to reapply even once (i usually reapply in the middle of the day). i’m super pleased with this and will definitely be repurchasing for the foreseeable future! what’s your favorite clean deodorant?! @sephora #bwell #briogeobabe

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When they launched their newest addition to the B. Well collection: their “Clean Deo without the B.O.” tea tree + eucalyptus deodorant, I was beyond excited to test it out for myself. I’ve used SO many brands of natural deodorant (both drugstore and bougie) and although I’ve found some gems out there, I was still searching for my holy grail when this package ever so conveniently arrived on my doorstep. The standout ingredients in this baby are tea tree, eucalyptus, and coconut oil. Tea tree oil contains antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. It works to fight bacteria for clear skin, reduce itchiness and irritation, and soothe sensitive skin. Also GREAT for razor bumps! Eucalyptus is an antioxidant also known to have antibacterial properties that help neutralize odor – PLUS it’s been found that applying eucalyptus increases the skin’s ceramide production, helping to protect against environmental damage. Coconut oil supplies the skin with healing vitamin E and essential amino and fatty acids, while also working to hydrate and comfort underarms. The result = smooth + soft + calm pits!



She’s also aluminum and talc-free, which is basically what separates “natural” deodorants from non-natural ones. Aluminum acts like a plug and blocks our pores and sweat glands. In the short-term, your pits are less sweaty. But over time, aluminum buildup can actually prevent toxins from leaving the body and clog the lymph nodes. Um… no. thanks.


Detox the Pits 

But before you make the switch to a natural deodorant, there are a few things you need to know. I first started using natural deodorants about a year ago, and for the first couple weeks, I SWORE they just didn’t work with my body chemistry. I thought I was just a sweaty gurl and was forever destined to swipe pore-clogging chemicals on my armpits daily. But (thank GOD) I learned of this thing called an aluminum purge, or a detox period.



When going natural, most people experience this – the deodorant works great for the first couple days… and then things start getting stinky in a hurry. But no need to stress – this is totally normal and an essential part of the detox process. It isn’t happening because the natural deodorant isn’t working for your body, it’s happening because your pits are literally purging all the toxins that were stuck in there for who knows how long. It took my body just about two weeks to adjust but can take anywhere from two to four.

If you can stick it out, I promise the switch is worth it. If you’re really struggling with the transition, there are a couple of at-home solutions you can try to speed it up: take a warm bath or shower, exfoliate ya pits, then do a clay mask (yes, on your underarms). Do this twice a week to help your body speed up the purging process and get you smelling divine in no time.




Since I’d already been acclimated to aluminum-free deodorant, I saw results and started to fall in love from the very first use. I have this issue with most brands I’ve tried in the past where the formula is either too sticky, too wet, or transfers to my clothes. The first thing I noticed when I used this was how perfect the consistency is – it has the smoothest glide and is SO COOLING to apply! It’s refreshing and I honestly look forward to using it (is that weird?). It applies clear, so no transferring and ruining your fav tops.

I’m also really into the scent – I love how fresh and clean it is. It’s the perfect combination of tea tree and eucalyptus and makes me feel like I’m at the #spa!! It’s a very unisex smell, so it’s great for both men and women. And here’s the best part… I’ve been using this and only this in the blaring Colorado heat, and haven’t experienced ANY stinkiness!  I typically reapply once in the middle of the day with other deos, but with this I’m able to apply in the morning and then go about my day! I’m thinking because the eucalyptus is neutralizing the odor rather than covering it up? Whatever it is, I am LIVING for it.


What are you waiting for? Click here to pick one up for yourself and say yes to CLEAN DEO WITHOUT THE B.O!

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