Celebrating PRIDE

This month for Pride, we celebrate self-expression in all forms, including our love for our community. We’re proud to support love and stand with the LGBTQIA+ community today and every day.

At Briogeo, we believe that self-expression is the cornerstone of self-care. Because of this, we support the freedom to represent ourselves however we see fit. 

We know that hair can be a beautiful piece of the self-expression puzzle. It’s a love language, a canvas for creativity, a personal choice, and one of the ways we express ourselves to the world. The other pieces of that puzzle - the clothes we wear, the words we choose, the people we surround ourselves with - all come together to create our unique identities. 

Our mission is to build confidence – to encourage and empower our community to be their best, most authentic selves.  That’s worth celebrating — not only during Pride Month, but every single day.

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