Best Hair Trends of 2018 & the Trends We'll See in 2019

Hair Trends of 2018


Glass Hair



Don’t fret, we’re not here to tell you putting shards of glass in your hair was hot in 2018. But, we did see a very sharp trend this year called “glass hair”. This look is described as hair that’s sleek, shiny and polished with a blunt cut.


Fringe Bangs



This trend started 2018 out with a BANG, literally. Fringe bangs were the cut du jour this past year. Easy to style and versatile, this look was the quick and simple way to get the stylish yet subtle “French girl” look without too much effort or upkeep.





This 90s hair accessory has officially made its comeback. Not only is it an easy way to dazzle up the ‘do, but it also works for all hair types. Say no more.





While braids (of all kinds) always seem to be a hairstyle staple, we saw a major braid boom this past year. According to Allure, searches for braids went up by 445% this year on Pinterest! Whether it was a French braid, a braid crown, or a braided bun, braids really took 2018 by storm.


Tight Topknot



Nothing says sleek and sexy like a tight topknot. This classic yet modern look definitely frequented the red carpet – and we can see why!




Hair Trends of 2019


Lowkey Crimp



You heard right – the crimp is back – or shall we say a more “lowkey” crimp. This hair trend has been making an appearance on a number of runway models for 2019 fashion shows, and on celebs at red carpet events. We predict we’ll be seeing a crimp resurgence in this new year.


Blunt Bob



In 2k19, we predict the blunt bob will make a statement. Similar to the glass hair movement, the blunt bob has a sharp cut, but not necessarily as sleek and shiny as the glass hair look.


Pintura Highlights



This hair trend is specially dedicated to our curly girls out there. This coloring technique is done by directly painting the highlights right on the ends of the curls without using the usual highlight foils. This color trend is perfect for our curly girls who want to add some gorgeous + fun dimension to those locks.


Bob + Bangs



In 2019, we foresee another bob, but with an edge. The edge = bangs! This is the perfect look if you’re trying to spice things up for the new year (new you).


Red Hair



While blondes seemed to have more fun last year, we anticipate that red hair is going to bring the heat in 2019.


Au Naturale



With all the color experimentation of 2018, whether it was balayage, platinum blonde, or millennial pink, we expect to see some return to the au natural colors we were born with.

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