Beauty Hacks From the Briogeo Floor

There's nothing we love more than inexpensive and quick alternatives to make our lives easier when it comes to anything beauty related. We've pulled together some of the Briogeo team's best beauty hacks for all our beauty-loving #BriogeoBabes out there. Sit back and relax, because your beauty routine is about to get easier. 



Kathleen Carroll - Influencer Coordinator 



Hack #1: I always mix a little facial oil in with my foundations for the summertime. It sheers out the foundation for a little more of a natural look and also gives a beautiful glow that brings the skin back to life! My favorite is the Farsali 24k gold oil.



Allison Genesis – Community Coordinator



Hack #1: For heatless beach waves, I’ll loosely braid my hair into 3 different sections when my hair is damp and then blow-dry my hair on low heat.

Hack #2: If I run out of shaving cream, I like to use a conditioner instead! Our Be Gentle, Be Kind co-wash makes for pretty good shaving cream.



Vivian Markel – Content Marketing Associate



Hack #1: I have pretty thin hair, so to add a little extra volume I’ll add some dry shampoo to the areas that need a lift and then blow dry my hair in an upwards motion.

Hack #2: To make my manicures last longer and keep my cuticles moisturized, I’ll put B. Well organic + cold-pressed 100% castor oil on my cuticles and nail beds before I go to sleep.



Kelly Cao – Product Development Coordinator



Hack #1: I’ll put my hair into loose braids at night and in the morning it’ll be wavy/curly. I always get questions about what hair iron use, but it’s literally just because of the braids!



Taylor Garro: Influencer Relations Coordinator



Hack #1: Use a spoolie (eyebrow brush) to rub off mascara that got on your eyelid (after it dries)!

Hack #2: Use a dryer sheet to get rid of static on your hair.

Hack #3: If your mascara is dried up, close it and put it in a glass of hot water for 5-10 minutes to get rid of crustiness.



Adriana Parada - Social Media and Creative Content Senior Manager 



Hack #1: To clean my yoga mat, I fill up a spray bottle with water and add in a few drops of our B. Well organic + australian 100% tea tree oil to remove/prevent any bacteria buildup + a few drops of lavender essential oil for a calming scent.



Shana Gradie - VP, Global Trade Marketing & Innovation 



Hack #1: When I really want to stretch a blowout, I load my hair with dry shampoo in the days following the initial blowout and then use 2-inch ceramic rollers to curl my hair. It really maintains the shine and bounce!

Hack #2: To maintain clear and clean skin while traveling, I like to travel with the Fresh Umbrian Clay Face Mask (mini tube). I can use it as a cleanser and face mask to help with impurities on the road but my hack is that I also make a DIY face scrub in my hotel room with sugar packets from a coffee shop + loads of the clay mask. It's the best DIY face scrub EVER!


Andy Peitz – Product Regulatory Manager



Hack #1: Use your favorite Chapstick for a cuticle moisturizer.

Hack #2: Use some type of creamer in your coffee to avoid staining your pearly whites.

Hack #3: Use coffee filters as blotting papers.



Adam Lee - Product Development Manager



Hack #1: Use a jade roller over your sheet mask for deeper penetrative moisture.

Hack #2: For keeping blonde hair fresh, I like to make a natural DIY shampoo: Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with one gallon of water. After shampooing your hair, rinse your hair using the vinegar and apple cider mixture. Work it through your hair and rinse well with clean water. Condition with a conditioner that is white and style as usual. Et voila. 



What are your favorite beauty hacks? We want to know! Share your favorite beauty tips and tricks with us in the comments below. 

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